ADRO Dry Carbon Fiber Reduces Drag Efficiencies and Improves Battery Range in a Sharp Custom EV Using Race Car Technologies

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 6, 2022) - Available summer 2022, ADRO (Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization) is proud to introduce the company’s new Model 3 and Model Y carbon fiber customs. Focused on optimizing vehicle aerodynamics, ADRO engineered the Model 3 and Model Y designs using dry, super-premium prepreg carbon fiber instead of the more common ‘wet’ option. The result is a razor-sharp EV that weaves strong lightweight racing technologies with high-performance grade materials that are often seen in exotics and hypercars. 

“At ADRO, our clients crave designs that are unique to them while improving both form and function,” comments ADRO Chief Technology Officer Sean Yoon. “Our focus is on creating a special vehicle aesthetic that matches their personality while serving to improve vehicle performance. For EV owners, efficiency is very important, so ADRO Model 3 and Model Y customs reduce drag and improve aero efficiencies  with light, durable, beautifully made carbon fiber.”

Now available for pre-order, each ADRO vehicle treatment includes a full suite of parts including 1 carbon fiber front lip, 2 carbon fiber side skirts, 1 carbon fiber rear diffuser, and 1 carbon fiber spoiler to deliver a unique, crisp aesthetic. Aerodynamic testing for ADRO carbon fiber parts shows reduced vehicle drag by 4.4% for the Model Y and 3.2% for the Model 3.

A centerpiece of ADRO Tesla Model 3 and Model Y customs is improved performance. Each ADRO custom carbon fiber vehicle features greater acceleration and better overall handling. Every ADRO custom Tesla is engineered to offer supremely durable, lightweight carbon fiber technologies for the Model 3 and Model Y with an aesthetic that stands out. 

ADRO is currently accepting pre-orders for the Model 3 and Model Y carbon fiber customs with a price of $5,500.00. Pre-orders are now being accepted through ADRO’s website to be shipped this summer. For more information, please visit

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