Form. Function. Quality.

Designed by a team of automotive OEM designers, F1 aerodynamicists, and highly-skilled craftsmen, ADRO’s carbon fiber components will not only turn heads but also improve the performance of your vehicle by increasing its aerodynamic efficiency.

  1. Our in-house production process begins with a 3D scan of a complete OEM vehicle, which allows us to reverse engineer the precise specifications of the car. 

  2. As the scanned data is being processed, our designers work on concepts and rough sketches. ADRO’s design philosophy is to improve the OEM design style without drastically changing the essence of the car.

  3. Our Class A designers combine the 3D engineered data with the designs to begin the process of Class A surface modeling, in other words digital sculpting, to guarantee that a stunning design turns into an equally stunning product.

  4.  Utilizing both cutting edge VR technology and traditional clay modeling, our team further evaluates and refines the design to achieve  seamless proportions.

  5. Concurrently, our aerodynamicists work with our design team to fine tune the aero kits. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), aerodynamic analyses are performed to compare the efficiency and aero characteristics of a factory car to one that has been fitted with ADRO's kit, and further simulations are conducted to determine the optimal design of our aero package.

  6. The engineering team then calibrates the design data with the reverse engineered surface to create a master pattern using using CNC machining. This master pattern is then fitted to an OEM vehicle to test the look and fitment. 

  7. A mold is then created based on the pattern to create a prototype, and another fitment test is conducted before mass production begins.

  8. A final quality check is conducted on each individual product before shipping to ensure our clients are always satisfied with their ADRO parts.