Led by a Former Mercedes-Benz Designer, ADRO Offers a Fresh New Take on the Powerful High-Performance Coupes

ADRO BMW G82 M4 Facelift

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 26, 2022) – ADRO (Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization) is proud to introduce the company’s new M3 and M4 front fascia redesign. Known as one of the most controversial and least popular BMW automobile designs, ADRO is the first company to actually develop a redesigned bumper for these powerful coupes. Focused on optimizing vehicle aesthetics and improving aerodynamics, ADRO engineered the M3 and M4 designs using wet carbon fiber for the redesigned front lip and front bumper, then utilized Thermoplastic olefin (TPO) and dry, super-premium prepreg carbon fiber for the remaining components. The result is a stronger racecar feel that weaves durable lightweight racing technologies with high-performance grade materials often found in hypercars. 

A centerpiece of ADRO M3 and M4 customs is a much more stylish and aggressive looking vehicle. Through four different iterations of the kit, ADRO began by reducing the kidney grill by 10%, making it wider and lower. They then increased the front horizontal slit size for increased aero efficiency, leading to a legitimate high-performance racecar feel. The result is a brand-new front bumper design, giving the vehicle a practical, yet stylish facelift. This custom kit ensures all sensors, cameras, and systems within 
the new generation of this chassis are maintained along with 
factory mounting positions. The final result is a kit that rivals 
the original quality from the BMW factory with a new design the 
chassis was meant for. Every ADRO custom BMW is engineered to offer supremely durable, lightweight carbon fiber technologies for the M3 and M4 with an aesthetic that stands out in a unique and striking way.


“We had a specific goal and that was to fix all the wrong fundamentals of this front fascia and design a front the M4 deserves,” comments ADRO Chief Designer Davis Lee. “The M3 and M4 are considered the king of high-performance sedans, and BMW has never missed the mark with their design throughout the history of M3/M4. From a designer’s perspective, they’ve created a “fundamentally” wrong front with the latest generation of the M3/M4, and we decided it was our opportunity to fix this.”

Lee previously worked as a designer for leading automotive companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Rivian, leading to his inspiration to reimagine ways that vehicles could be further enhanced through innovative design and engineering. While previous ADRO vehicle treatments have included a full suite of parts sold as one full kit, both the M3 and M4 offer different compatible parts and pieces. ADRO’s custom redesigned front bumper and front lip are compatible across both the G8X M3 and M4, though the front lip is only compatible with ADRO’s bumper, not the stock version. ADRO specifically designed prepreg carbon fiber side skirts, rear diffuser and wing for the G82 M4, while producing a separate side skirt and rear diffuser that fits the G80 M3 body. Incorporating the prepreg wing to the M4 helps to deliver a unique, crisp aesthetic that further distinguishes the sporty coupe from the stock version.

Each ADRO bumper is made of TPO and manufactured with injection molding in the same fashion as many major OEMs. M4 components are compatible with 2021-2023 standard, competition, and 2023 CSL models, while the M3 parts will be compatible with the 2021-2023 standard and competition models.

Set to debut at the 2022 SEMA show, ADRO will begin accepting pre-orders for the M3 and M4 customs in November 2022, with a starting price of $3,500 for the front bumper and $800 for the carbon fiber front lip. Each part of the ADRO body kit will also be available for individual sale. For more information, please visit www.adro.com.

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