ADRO’s Wet Carbon Fiber Components Increase Downforce and Improve Aerodynamics Following Extensive Design and Testing

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 12, 2022) – Renowned automotive aerodynamic body kit manufacturer, ADRO (Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization), is thrilled to unveil the company’s all-new GR86. Focused on optimizing vehicle aerodynamics through groundbreaking design, ADRO engineered the GR86 using the company’s proprietary seven-step development process. ADRO’s impressive work resulted in a crisp design for the sporty Toyota that blends advanced motorsports technology with the latest high-performance materials to create the optimal rendition of an impressive driving machine. 

“ADRO strives to develop designs that functionally improve a vehicle’s performance while also staying as close to true to the original design lines as possible,” comments ADRO Chief Technology Officer Sean Yoon. “The stock GR86 is a fantastic vehicle, and our focus on this project was to create a powerful new aesthetic that matches the impressive performance within. The ADRO widebody program helps to further enhance the GR86 by implementing a race-ready design with components that are more aerodynamic than those originally used on the vehicle.”

A sports car built by enthusiasts and for enthusiasts, the GR86 has the performance pedigree of a top-tier sports car. An intense, balanced and powerful driving machine, the GR86’s race-ready dynamics make it the manufacturers’ elite performance vehicle. In looking to further enhance this sporty coupe, ADRO’s production process began with a 3D scan of the GR86, which allows their team to reverse engineer the new components to precise specifications for OEM levels of fitment. The result is a body kit that complements the vehicle's OEM design style while improving upon the stock parts and pieces. Through a rigorous production process that involves ADRO’s aerodynamicist team and extensive CFD analysis, each GR86 Widebody kit is hand-produced and takes more than 40 hours to make and approve prior to shipment.

“The GR86 has quickly become one of Toyota’s most popular models, largely due to the stylish design and powerful performance,” comments ADRO’s Chief Designer, Davis Lee. “When putting together the outline for the ADRO GR86, we wanted to improve upon this design with a new look that both improved vehicle efficiency and added a stylish alternative. Using the latest in advanced parts manufacturing, this new custom GR86 program is sure to be popular amongst enthusiasts of the original vehicle, because we found a way to enhance what was an already amazing car.”

ADRO’s Formula 1 history is apparent by the inclusion of a stunning swan neck wing. With a design that’s 45% lighter than an aluminum variant, the purpose-built wing with ADRO’s forward swan-mount design cuts through the air with less disturbance to the underside of the wing than a typical wing mount which results in higher downforce and less drag. Prepreg carbon fiber ensures that the weight savings is maximized while the kit additionally offers over 250 pounds of aerodynamic downforce at 110 miles per hour.

Available for pre-order in November 2022, each ADRO GR86 widebody treatment includes a full suite of parts including front bumper extensions, front over fenders, rear over fenders, a carbon fiber side air vent cover, carbon fiber front lip and two carbon fiber side skirts that all serve to exemplify the GR86’s stylish aesthetic. The ADRO GR86 kit increases the vehicle’s width by more than five inches on the front bumper and six inches on the rear. The GR86’s length is also increased by more than five inches with the inclusion of the custom carbon fiber wing and diffuser. Aerodynamic testing for ADRO’s carbon fiber body kit shows a dramatic increase in downforce for the custom GR86 to improve the cornering performance of the package. 

“At ADRO, we incorporate our F1 experience by using the same CFD technology to get an in-depth understanding of the airflow around our components. Analyzing these results guides our design resulting in products that not only look amazing but are also functional as well,” comments ADRO Chief Aerodynamicist Scott Beeton. “Our CFD process allows us to tune the airflow to add significant levels of downforce to the vehicle and improve high-speed handling. The standard GR86 creates a small amount of lift, but the ADRO GR86 kit provides an additional 90kg of downforce to increase cornering performance and aerodynamic efficiency. The ADRO GR86 widebody adds 250 lbs (of downforce) over the standard vehicle and with a wider track will have you cornering like it is on rails!”

Designed in California and manufactured in Korea, ADRO’s GR86 features upgraded performance and improved handling capabilities through the use of the company’s innovative design program. Each ADRO custom GR86 is engineered to offer supremely durable components that establish a new aesthetic that sets it apart from the stock version. ADRO’s all-new body kit is also compatible on the Subaru BRZ chassis, making it cross-compatible between these two impressive driving machines.

Set to be displayed at the SEMA show in November, pre-orders of the GR86 kit will be accepted through ADRO’s website, with a starting price tag of $4,750. For more information, please visit

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